Winter Adventures 2012/13

Andy's Winter Adventures. . . . .

This winter I’ve been doing my best to get out and enjoy all the natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest. Particularly on my snowshoes. I’ve also been doing my best to chronicle these snowy adventures. Not only for myself and my friends who are along for these journeys, but also for my friends and family who live in far away lands and can’t be there to see the incredible beauty of the snow covered Cascade Mountains.

So if you fit into any of those categories, check out the Flickr set of all these adventures here. Unfortunately it’s mostly just been with my crummy iPhone camera, but it’s hard to beat the size and the fact that IT’S ALWAYS WITH YOU. Luckily the shear incredibleness of these winter wonderlands makes up for it. And hopefully the size of this set will only continue to grow as the number of these adventures grows.

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