Seattle Mariners 2014 Commercials

Seattle Mariners - True To The Blue Endcard

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In a sort of strange Seattle sports tradition, for 20 years in fact, it isn’t quite spring in the Pacific Northwest until the Seattle Mariners commercials debut for the new season. The local media; from The Seattle Times, Seattle PI, to sports blogs like SB Nation, all chime in on their take for each spot. They’re generally well received and something fans see over and over as the season progresses through the summer. But because of all that, there’s a little pressure riding on them when Copacino+Fujikado, the ad agency behind the campaign for two decades now, gets to work on the new batch. And lucky for me, I got to throw my hat into the ring for 2014!

I’m quite happy and proud with how they turned out, too. Definitely proud to be apart of what’s become a bit of a local institution. So give them a watch, and be sure to check them out on the Mariners Blog to vote for your favorite:

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CLIENT: Seattle Mariners | AD: Andy Westbrock | CW: Andy Corbett | CD: Mike Hayward | AGENCY: Copacino+Fujikado
DIR: Ron Gross | PROD: Blue Goose | EDIT: Dubs Inc.

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